Friday, July 27, 2007

The Amazing Allstar Team

At last writing, our guys had won the District 2 north region/Vermont. The next step was playing the winner of District 2/south - a really tough team. The games were played in Shaftsbury VT, versus a tough Manchester VT team. Shaftsbury is 2 hours from where we live (most of the way is NOT interstate either) and in Manchester's back-yard. We were decidedly in a hole too - of the 13 players on the team, we only had 10 since two kids went to camp and one was on vacation. THEN one of our guys broke his collar bone cycling - so we were down to 9 players! I figured we were as good as gone - but what did I know?

What a thrilling tournament it was. We won the first game 5-2 on Sunday afternoon. Hugh and other parents stayed in Bennington VT, Tom and I came home because Tom had Rock Music Camp this week.

The game Monday was a tough, close game - the score was 3-2 (Manchester won). Daniel pitched a beautiful game; their pitcher was excellent.

So it came down on Tuesday's game *gulp*

My SAM pitched. There are few things more difficult than watching your child pitch. It's completely nerve wracking. After two innings, Manchester was ahead 4-0, but then our guys scored three runs to make it 4-3. Manchester came back and scored one more run, then Sam held them AND in the bottom of the 5th inning, we scored 3 more runs so WE WON!!!!

Our guys now are one of four teams playing for the championship in the whole State of Vermont. The first game was tonight. We played Barre, Vermont in Barre (which is a whole lot closer to us - and all interstate). Sam just called to tell me they won again - 9-1. We have at least two more games (the tournament is a double elimination).

And so the Cinderella team moves on...


Yeah, yeah, I'm a slacker blogger! We all have been amazingly busy so I'll break things into parts. First, Sturbridge, better known as the Northeast Cochlear Implant Conference. The theme this year was Technology Rocks - it was an excellent get together all the way around. The kids' program was great - both boys met new buddies - and Hugh and I enjoyed our sessions. Sam was a panelist at a break-out session on the last day. He was one of 7 kids (with about 100 people in the audience) and did a great job. I so remember when the boys were young sitting at conferences like that hungry to hear from older kids/young adults/adults who were deaf I think for two reasons. One was reassurance -these folks were happy and doing well so surely my guys would too? I always found we learned so much as well. It's really good to be able to give back.

Here's the panel of kids - aren't they all cute? Sam really enjoyed Kathy and Catherine in particular.

And here's the tatoo that Sam got in Boston:

I was so happy to finally meet my friend, Lydia. Her son was also on the panel - such a cutie and so well spoken. Lydia is as delightful in real life. I also met Cathy and re-met Terri as well. Then of course, there's Jim, Joelle, and Jonah (the "J" family).

I was also a picture-taking slacker but here's a picture of the "J" family with Tom and Sam, minus Jim. It was mid-afternoon and it was time for a nap for Jonah - he's still such a cutie!

It was wonderful to see my buddy, Nell and to finally meet her husband and son (Mike and Mikey - and boy, are they a pair!). Tom and Mikey really hit it off. I'm a complete slacker here but here's a good resemblance of Nell:

Don't ask!

On the way back, we ran into rain that was so hard and heavy - it was unbelievable. We drove out of it fortunately and stopped in Putney, VT and found the 9th wonder of the world - a BBQ place!

It's always a good day when you get BBQ! They have BBQ kitties there - Tom snapped these pictures. The first is Katama, the second is.......... Oreo! I'm sure we thought of that name first!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Baseball, baseball, baseball

My goodness, we've been breathing, drinking, and eating baseball this weekend! On Friday night, we made the pilgramage down to Manchester NH to see the NH Fisher Cats play baseball. They are the AA affiliate of the Toronto Bluejays (interesting since we're in the Redsox backyard). Hugh made arrangements to have our Little League team recognized and a few of the kids went to the game with their parents. The kids got to go down on the field before the game began and were there when they played the National Anthem. Our guys got to hang with the Fisher Cats' first baseman, Chip Cannon who is VERY tall (6'5"). The Fisher Cats won and we all got our David Ortiz bobbleheads - a good time was had by all!

Here's the team photo that they took:

I got a lot of work done on my Betsy sock, the first sock is finished and I'm well on my way into the second. Great design as usual and very easy to memorize.

On Saturday our guys played the first game of the Allstar tournament. This tournament consists of five teams, all from central Vermont with the exception of our team which is the Connecticut Valley Little League South team. Players on the team are from seven of the eight teams - it promises to be a fun season! We won our first game in five innings 16-6 (we only played five innings because of the 10 run "mercy" rule). Sam's playing third base for the most part but will pitch and catch as well. He did a great job at-bat. He got on base by hitting the first ball pitched to them - that sends a nice message! Sam's batting second in the line-up.

Looky what bloomed at home this week - my peonies!

Our daylilies should be out any time - they're our fourth of July flower.

And - tah dah! - I got my new dining room table and chairs. I love them! Our old table and chairs predated by several years both boys - Tom is 15 next week so you do the math. Here's my favorite baseball coach putting it together.

Today's my last day of vacation - it was a fun week of being with the guys, getting some chores done, playing mini-golf and going to the pool. Back at it tomorrow.