Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I give you HazMat man and a Goth? Or perhaps emo? Heck, I don't know! Oh - they're "Joe the HazMat Man" and "Joe the Emo" - that's it! :-)

Logan and Tom ready to head out for a Halloween party. I still have black stuff in my tub!

I have a few works in process - nothing finished but I'm expecting that to change anytime now.

I'm on a felted clogs kick right now. I'm making them for the "man cave" - what could be better than a comfy man cave with warm clogs?

This is a generic "for the basket" pair made of Patons Merino wool. The pair is finished but for taking a dip in the washing machine to be felted:

Here's a better picture of the clogs as they're being made - the colors are better in this picture:

These are Sam's - one is finished and I've started on the second. Sam is really into orange and navy right now.

I'm making this scarf for the fabulous Miss Linda - the boys' teacher of the deaf. It's pretty hard to say thank you enough for all she's done for all of us.


Lynda the Guppy said...

Beautiful scarf! What pattern is that? For that matter, what yarn??? LOL

debi's place said...

Nice to see the blog brought back to life.

I still love the sock drying by the fire picture from a while back.